Business Strategy

S.P. HELPIC” specializes in development, production, sales and service of medical equipment for X-ray and magnetic resonance direction. The company has considerable experience in the development and introduction of such equipment in the production, has its own production base, prepared by experienced personnel, possesses of “know-how” on the features of specific technological processes related to the manufacturing of the main components of complex medical equipment.

Main business activities:

  • Conducting research, development and technological work in the design and development of new medical X-ray diagnostic equipment.
  • Production of medical products by its own development and from the nodes and components of other firms, including foreign ones, with which relevant contracts have been concluded, and the permission of the Ministry of Health of Russia to use these products in medical practice on the territory of the Russian Federation has been obtained.
  • Further implementation of medical devices. Performance of services related to the operation of medical devices (installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance).

During the existence of the enterprise, developed and put into production:

  • the first domestic medium-frequency x-ray feeding device «Renex-Auto» for the X-ray diagnostic complexes «KRD «Renex»;
  • the world’s first digital matrix low-dose chest examination system «Renex-Fluoro»;
  • the first (the only one to date) domestic magnetic resonance imaging tomograph for the study of extremities «MRI-Renex»;
  • a line of analog-digital stationary and mobile X-ray complexes «Renex»; devices for ultrasonic diagnostics «Renex»; equipment and accessories for the X-ray diagnostic process (photo lab equipment for X-ray film processing «Renex»; and also in cooperation with PLC “Renex”: x-ray cassettes “Renex”, x-ray amplifying screens “Renex”, X-ray films “Renex”).

Confirmation of the high readiness of the enterprise to solve complex problems is the fact that  “S.P. HELPIC” was competitively selected by the executor of state contracts ordered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia to develop a line of High frequency X-ray power generators for angiographs, mammographs and fluoroscopic systems, as well as digital C-arm.


High frequency X-ray power generator for Angiographic systems

High frequency X-ray power generator for Mammographic systems

High frequency X-ray power generator for general purpouse Fluoroscopic systems

Digital С-Arm

At present, both contracts have been successfully executed. The developed products are introduced into batch production. During the work on the contract, certificates of registration of a number of software developments were obtained, as well as relevant patents for utility models and industrial designs.