Research and Development

At present, the staff of “S.P. HELPIC” successfully works on the implementation of research and development (R & D), within the framework of the federal program «Development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry of the Russian Federation for the period until 2020 and for the future», on the creation of high-tech products:

  1. R & D: «Development and organization of production of basic components for magnetic resonance tomographs on superconducting magnets with a field strength of 1.5 T».
  2. R & D: «Development and organization of production of a magnetic resonance scanner for a magnetic resonance tomograph on a superconducting magnet with a magnetic field strength of not less than 1.5 T» (jointly with P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PIAS) ).
  3. R ​​& D: «Development of technology and establishment of production of a line of X-ray high frequency power generators».

Scientific potential of “S.P HELPIC” and its partners in the field of development and mastering of new medical X-ray diagnostic equipment allows not only to successfully carry out the current development topics, but also to embark on the development of new, most advanced and in demand high-tech samples of medical equipment. The production potential of the company “S.P HELPIC” allows you to carry out large-scale federal programs.

“S.P HELPIC” actively participates in research and development work (R & D) to develop the latest medical X-ray equipment under state contracts with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

As part of this work, from 2014 to 2016, intensive work was carried out to develop and prepare for the serial production of a line of X-ray feeders for an angiograph, a mammograph and fluoroscopic systems. In March 2016, the state contract was successfully executed. At the same time, the extensive experience accumulated by the enterprise in the field of development of X-ray technology was used. As a result, X-ray high frequency power generators s with advanced technical characteristics were developed. The principal feature of the line of developed generators is their modular design, which allows, by changing the number of inverters included in a particular generator, to flexibly vary its technical modes and characteristics. Due to significant unification, Renex High Frequency X-ray Generators provide full performance at competitive price.

Appearance of the developed products is presented in Figures 1, 2, 3.


Figure 1. High Frequency X-ray Generator for angiography with and without casing.

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Figure 2. High Frequency X-ray Generator for mammography with and without casing.


Figure 3. High Frequency X-ray Generator for general purpose Fluoroscopic systems with and without casing.

Currently, work is being carried out within the framework of the state contract for the development and preparation of the serial production of a mobile X-ray surgical digital C-Arm. The contract is valid until March 2017. Currently, the working models of the tripod and doctor’s workstation, which are presented in Figures 4 and 5, have already been developed.


Figure 4. Model of a C-Arm type tripod


Figure 5. Model of the workstation of C-Arm.

As part of the contract, the developers of “S.P HELPIC” designed and manufactured a fundamentally new X-ray monoblock type generator («monoblock»), represented in Figure 6. This «monoblock» design significantly increased the angle of the orbital rotation of the movable beam, and also let us realize isocentric focusing during research.


Figure 6. New design of the «monoblock» of C-Arm.

For many years the enterprise is also a co-executor of state contracts for development and preparation of serial production of equipment using the phenomenon of magnetic resonance.

S.P. Helpic also constantly conducts independent R & D work within the framework of improving already available equipment, as well as the development of new equipment.

Today «S.P. Helpic” has tremendous experience and a huge knowledge base in the field of high-voltage generators, X-ray machines and radiators, magnetic resonance scanners, medical software, design, management programs and many others.

The company owns 24 active patents in the field of radiology; the company employs 10 employees with a Ph.D. or Doctor of Science degree and 40 engineering developers.

We have sufficient scientific and technological potential for the implementation of the most daring research and development work in the field of medical radiology, nondestructive testing, industrial X-ray, high-voltage feeding devices, etc.


Within the framework of commercial R&D for the last 3 years, the following have been developed and supplied:

  1. A specialized feeding device for the FGUP Scientific Research Institute NPO «LUCH»
  2. High voltage source consisting of two separate high-voltage units, the first one is intended for powering the X-ray tube for angiography, the second one is for the computer tomograph in the FGUP Scientific Research Institute of NPO «LUCH»
  3. A specialized feeding device for the X-ray tube test stand at JSC «Svetlana»
  4. A specialized feeding device for the modernization of the testing laboratory in the State Clinical Hospital «Scientific and Practical Center of Medical Radiology» DZM.

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