About us - Development and production of X-ray diagnostic equipment

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About us

S.P.Gel pink company is one of the main developers and manufacturers of X-ray diagnostic equipment in Russia. Equipment manufactured under the RENEX trademark occupies up to 60% in certain positions of the radiology market.

For more than 30 years of work, we have gained a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of medical equipment. Working in close cooperation with medical doctors, we offer the most optimal solutions in the field of radiology, which contribute to the implementation of new, socially significant projects for Russia.

  1. Within the framework of the “Priority National Health Project for 2006-2008” the following items were delivered:
  • RENEX-Fluoro digital low-dose fluorographs
  • analog-digital X-ray diagnostic complexes “KRD-Renex”
  • medium frequency X-ray power supply device “Renex-AUTO”


  1. Within the framework of the “Tender for the supply of medical equipment for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense for 2006.
  • digital low-dose fluorographs “Renex-Fluoro
  • MRI “TMR-Renex”
  • ultrasound diagnostic unit “UZI-Renex”


  1. Within the framework of the “Healthcare Modernization Program for 2011-2012.”
  • digital low-dose fluorographs “Renex-Fluoro”
  • analog-digital X-ray diagnostic complexes “KRD-Renex”
  • MRI “TMR-Renex”

The X-ray diagnostic equipment of our production fully meets all modern requirements and promising tasks of the meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects chaired by the President of the Russian Federation V.V. on April 2, 2017, at which the development of the healthcare system of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025 was discussed. According to this program, in 2017-2019, the formation of a system of telemedicine consultations between medical organizations will be completed.

Total from 1988 to 2020:

  • more than 3000 units of X-ray diagnostic equipment have been produced;
  • more than 50 registration certificates for own products have been received;
  • 37 copyright certificates and patents have been obtained;

  • 4 PhD theses X-ray engineering and medicine have been approved;

S.P. HELPIC LLC has an wide network of regional offices in the whole territory of the country, which carry out installation, warranty and service maintenance of the equipment produced by our company. This allows us to perform all obligations to the client in the shortest possible time and at the lowest prices.


  • Manufacture of medical devices according to its own designs, as well as from parts of other companies, including foreign ones, with which relevant contracts have been concluded, and permits have been obtained;
  • Further sale of medical devices. Performing services related to the operation of medical devices (installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance);
  • Conducting research, development and technological work on the design and development of new medical X-ray diagnostic equipment;

Since the foundation of the company has been developed and produced:

  • The first Russian medium-frequency X-ray power supply device
  • The world’s first digital matrix low-dose fluorograph “Renex-Fluoro”;
  • The first and only Russian magnetic resonance tomograph for extremity examination “TMR-Renex”;
  • A range of analog-digital X-ray diagnostic systems “Renex” both stationary and mobile; devices for ultrasound diagnostics “Renex”; equipment and accessories for X-ray diagnostic (photo laboratory equipment for processing X-ray film “Renex”; and also, in cooperation with “Renex”: X-ray cassettes “Renex”, X-ray Intensifying screens “Renex”, X-ray films “Renex”).