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Fluorographs "Renex F-5000"


The device is for diagnosis lungs and chest organs diseases in the patient’s standing position in frontal and lateral projections, as well as on a gurney and lateroposition.

The Renex F-5000 device uses a high-resolution full-format flat-panel detector, which allows obtaining a high-quality image with the smallest details at a minimum radiation exposure.

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Digital X-ray image registration system based on ViVIX-S flat-panel detector.
The device allows you to take more than 80 pictures in 1 hour.
Increased focal lengths provide better image quality and minimize geometric error.

“Renex F-5000” is made in the form of two separate racks, with the vertical movement of the tripods synchronization. All the components of the system (radiation source and receiver, X-ray power supply, racks movement control system) are arranged inside the tripod.
Unique “one button” control system, whith the fully automatic selection of the exposure of the image (including kV, mAs, sec.) without the participation of an X-ray technician. This system guarantees high-quality images with minimal radiation exposure to the patient and reduces the percentage of exposure defects almost to zero.

“Renex F-5000” is resistant to power stuges due to the use of a modern monoblock type X-ray supply device with a capacity of 40 kW from a 220V network, or 50 kW from a 380V network.

The low weight of the device allows you to mount it without additional costs for strengthening the floor or ceilings in any medical facility and on any floor.

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics:

  • Spatial resolution over the entire image field, not less than 4 pairs of lines/mm.
  • Full-size image resolution is 3072×3072 pixels.
  • Pixel size no more than 139 microns.
  • The active area of ​​the detector is at least 430×430 mm.
  • Digitization capacity of the X-ray image receiver signal, not less than 16 bits/pixel.
  • Time for displaying a full-size image on the automated workstations (AWS) screen, no more than 2 seconds.
  • “Renex F-5000” provides X-ray images at the automated workstation of the radiologist and radiologist in real time
  • Allows you to take 80 pictures in 1 hour of operation.
  • Increased to 1800 mm focal length provides better image quality and minimizes geometric error.
  • The weight of the device is no more than 250 kg.
  • Anode rotation speed up to 9000 rpm.
  • Electronic collimator with laser centralizer;
  • Self-diagnosis system with error code indication
  • Flexible multiprocessor system microprocessor control system. The ability to adapt to customer requirements;
  • Modern software with the possibility of individual adaptation

Delivery set

Delivery set:

The standard delivery set includes:

  • 2 automated workstations (AWS) for a doctor and an X-ray laboratory assistant with a set of furniture and Renex-Fluoro integrated software
  • Patient protection equipment from X-rays.

Additional options:

The standard equipment can be expanded with various options:

  • Additional monochrome diagnostic monitor for the doctor’s workstation;
  • Medical film printer,
  • Additional workstation – Workstation of the Registrar,
  • Additional means of X-ray protection, etc.
  • Video surveillance system with two-way audio communication.

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