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Mammography system "DMX-600"


The mammograph DMX-600 is a fully digital device that combines the convenience of using a fully automated stand, an indicator of the angle of the stand, a digital indicator of the height and thickness of mammary glands. The mammograph DMX-600 allows for high-level express diagnostics in digital format.

The device is designed for mass “screening” studies of mammary glands with image registration on a stationary flat-panel detector of 18x24cm or 24x30cm format in standard and angular projections, with the function of image magnification and the possibility of biopsy (optional).

The use of a stationary flat-panel detector (DR) allows you to make express examinations, the results of which appear on the screen of the workstation within 2-3 seconds, which significantly speeds up the process of making a diagnosis and increases the throughput of the device. This detector allows you to detect the presence of the smallest microcalcifications in one exposure.

Использование стационарного плоско-панельного детектора (DR) позволяет проводить экспресс обследования результаты которых появляются на экране рабочей стации в течение 2-3 секунд, что значительно ускоряет процесс постановки диагноза и увеличивает пропускную способность аппарата. Данный детектор позволяет обнаружить наличие мельчайших микрокальцинатов за одну экспозицию.

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Due to the presence of a built-in detector based on amorphous silicon and a field of view of 24x30cm, it combines the functions of a device for mass screening and high-quality diagnostics of mammary glands in women in standard and oblique projections, with the possibility of biopsy. This detector allows you to detect the presence of the smallest microcalcifications in one exposure.
The device combines the ease of use of a fully automated rack, angle indicator, digital height and mammary glands thickness indicator. Provides unprecedented image quality and easy-to-use features.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple and ergonomic control.
  • Display of the angle and height of the tripod, mammary glands thickness and compression level.
  • Software for viewing, editing, archiving and transferring the received images.
  • Automatic adjustment of the position of the sensor of the automatic exposure system in accordance with the angle of rotation of the C-arс (projection direction) option.
  • Automatic Exposure System (AES) allows you to take high quality pictures regardless of the type of cassete or panel. It also serves to optimize contrast and to recognize mammary glands characteristics. The modern type of the AES function provides automatic regulation of the anode voltage (Auto-kV);
  • Standard automatic positioning system (ASP) makes it easier to work on the device, as it allows you to quickly select preset positions: right straight (RCC), left straight (LCC), right angular (RMLO), left angular (LMLO).
  • Compression level control system with automatic compression release function after exposure.
  • The ability to automatically adjust the position of the sensor of the automatic exposure system in accordance with the angle of rotation (projection direction).

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics:

  • Automatic Exposure System (AES).
  • Flat-panel detector of 24x30cm format.
  • Standard automatic positioning system (ASP).
  • MICOM compression control system.
  • Automatic compression release after exposure.
  • Automatic filter replacement.
  • High quality dual focus system.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual selection of shooting parameters depending on the density of the mammary glands.
  • Image magnifier x1.5 or x1.8
  • Focal spot sizes 0.3×0.3mm and 0.1×0.1mm.
  • Focal length 650mm.
  • Motorized vertical moving with 700mm range.
  • 19 density steps.
  • Touchscreen control panel with LCD display.
  • Great possibilities of modification with additional equipment.
  • Two liquid crystal displays for convenient use of the device.

Комплект поставки

Delivery set:

  • Mammography system DMX-600.
  • High frequency generator.
  • Flat-panel detector of 24x30cm format.
  • Specialized X-ray tube.
  • Protective shield.
  • Plain mammography compression paddle.
  • Compression plate for aiming shots
  • User’s manual
  • Workstation of the laboratory assistant

The delivery includes: delivery, installation, commissioning, instructing the hospital staff by the supplier’s specialists;
Warranty period: 24 months;
Delivery time: within 60 days.

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