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Mammography system "MX-600"


The mammograph MX-600 with a digital radiography (CR) device provides high-level digital diagnostics.
The device is designed for mass “screening” studies of mammary glands with image registration cassettes with a photostimulable phosphor imaging plate, as well as other receivers of X-ray images in standard and angular projections, with the function of image magnification and the possibility of biopsy (optional).

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The MX-600 is designed for examining the mammary glands in women in standard and angular projections, with an image magnification function (option) and the possibility of biopsy (option).

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple and ergonomic handling.
  • System for viewing, editing, archiving and transferring the received studies.
  • Automatic Exposure System (AES) – allows you to take high quality pictures regardless of the type of film and panels. It also serves to optimize contrast and to recognize mammary glands characteristics. The modern type of the AES function allows automatic regulation of the anode voltage (Auto-kV);
  • Standard automatic positioning system (ASP) – this ASP function makes it easier to work with the device, as it allows you to quickly select preset positions: right straight (RCC), left straight (LCC), right angular (RMLO), left angular (LMLO).
  • Compression control system with automatic compression release after exposure.
  • Possibility of automatic adjustment of the position of the sensor of the automatic exposure system in accordance with the angle of rotation of the C-arс (projection direction).

Techical characteristics

Techical characteristics:

  • High voltage X-ray generator (4 KW), equipped with a high frequency inverter system, provides a high level of output signal (high voltage fluctuations less than 1 kV), the voltage rise on the tube occurs in less than 2 ms (milliseconds).
  • Microprocessor control
  • Three exposure control modes
  • Setting the voltage
  • Compression system

Flat Panel Mammography Detector

Convenient upgrade:
  • Same size as thin film or X-ray cassette (ISO 4090);

  • Specially designed for traditional automatic exposure control (AEC) systems;

  • VXvue Mammo.

Indirect conversion detector TFT (thin film transistor) panel:
  • High reliability of the X-ray panel;
  • Exceptional structural strength.
Insignificant distance to the chest:
  • Convenient location of the patient;

  • Easy fixing of the active area.

High image quality:
  • Superior clinical image quality with 75 μm pixel pitch;

  • Active area 24×30 cm.




Technology used

Thin film transistor (TFT) with PIN-diode



Pixel pitch

75 μm

Spatial resolution

6.7 lp/mm

The size of the matrix of the resulting image

3072×3832 pixels

The size of the image

23,04cm x 28,8cm.

The digit capacity of the analog-to-digital converter

16 bit

Image acquisition time

3 с

Recommended cycle time

15 с

Data interface

Gigabit Ethernet

X-ray generator interface

Autostart: AED Mode


from 5 °С to 40 °С;

from 30% to 80% relative wet (no condensation)

Delivery set

Delivery set:

  • Mammography system MX-600.
  • High frequency generator.
  • Specialized X-ray tube.
  • Tripod.
  • Protective shield.
  • Compression plate for aiming shots.
  • User’s manual.
  • Compression foot pedals
  • Remote Control

The delivery does not includes: delivery and installation.
Warranty period: 18 months;
Delivery time: within 60 days.

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