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Mobile fluorographic office "Renex"


The mobile treatment and prophylactic module (MTPM) “Fluorograph” is a completely autonomous mobile medical complex and can be operated in any climatic and geographical conditions, providing a high level of comfort for medical personnel and patients.
MTPM “Fluorograph” is intended for carrying out fluorographic studies with the aim of early detection of tuberculosis, oncological and other diseases of the chest organs outside the walls of inpatient medical institutions and can be used:
– to carry out preventive examinations at enterprises, educational and other institutions,
– to bring medical care closer to the rural population in remote areas,
– as a mobile fluorographic medical center at enterprises, for carrying out a mass medical examination for admission to work, etc.

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Multi-section isometric universal body zero dimension (UBZD):

The mobile fluorography office is created on the basis of a multi-section isothermal van on a car chassis of various brands of cars (with a wheel arrangement of 2×4, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6), equipped with the necessary life support systems, medical equipment, furniture. The MTPM is equipped with a digital low-dose fluorograph with an automatic shooting mode with a modern digital X-ray detector.

The multisection isothermal van consists of: a processing unit, a unit for a radiologist/X-ray laboratory assistant, a sanitary unit, a corridor;
The MTPM includes life support systems:

  • Power supply (autonomous and external),
  • Climate control system (air conditioning-heating-ventilation),
  • Lighting system (including emergency),
  • Fire alarm,
  • Sanitary equipment,
  • Set of ladders;

To protect personnel and patients from X-ray radiation, the MTPM processing unit is protected by a lead sheet at least 1 mm thick inside the sandwich panel including the floor and ceiling.
Furniture (medical furniture on a frame);


Digital fluorograph “Renex F-5000”:

Unique control system “one button”, which means fully automatic selection of the exposure of the image (including kV, mAs, sec.) Without the participation of an X-ray technician. This system guarantees high-quality images with minimal radiation exposure to the patient and reduces the percentage of exposure defects to virtually zero.

The Renex F-5000 fluorograph is made in the form of two separate racks, with electrical synchronization of the vertical movement of the tripods, inside which all the components of the system are arranged (radiation source and receiver, X-ray feeding device, rack movement control system).

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics:

  • Engine: Diesel turbocharged with intercooled charge air, and others.
  • Suspension type: Leaf springs, with anti-roll bar, etc.
  • Shock absorbers: Hydraulic, telescopic, double-acting, etc.
  • Braking system: Pneumatic, with ABS, etc.
  • Fluorograph “Renex F-5000” provides X-ray images at the automated workstation of the radiologist and radiologist in real time
  • Spatial resolution over the entire image field, not less than 4 pairs of lines/mm.
  • Full-size image resolution is 3072×3072 pixels.
  • Pixel size no more than 139 microns.
  • The active area of ​​the detector is at least 430×430 mm.
  • Digitization capacity of the X-ray image receiver signal, not less than 16 bits/pixel.
  • Time for displaying a full-size image on the automatic workstation screen, no more than 2 seconds.
  • Anode rotation speed up to 9000 rpm.
  • Electronic collimator with laser centralizer;
  • Self-diagnosis system with error code indication
  • Flexible multiprocessor control system. The ability to adapt to customer requirements;
  • Modern software with the possibility of individual adaptation.

Delivery set

Delivery set:

The standard delivery set includes:

  • The mobile treatment and prophylactic module (MTPM) based on car
  • Life support systems
  • 2 automated workstations (AWS) for a doctor and an X-ray laboratory assistant with a set of furniture and Renex-Fluoro integrated software
  • Patient protection equipment from X-rays.

Additional options:

The standard equipment can be expanded with various options:

  • Additional monochrome diagnostic monitor for the doctor’s workstation;
  • Medical film printer,
  • Additional workstation – Workstation of the Registrar,
  • Additional means of X-ray protection, etc.

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