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MRI scanner for extremities TMRpm "Renex"

This is the first Russian MRI scanner based on a permanent magnet TMRpm -“Renex” for the visualization of joints, soft tissues and bones.

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and compact

MRI scanner is very ergonomic and compact, with it’s small size it allows you to effectively use it in various spaces for diagnosis of limb injuries and etc.

Open type of MRI scanner allows you to examine patients with claustrophobia and children, while their parents are near them.

Advantages TMRpm "Renex"


Diagnostic value

MRI scanner provides receiving of thin section pictures. Unlike computed tomography, TMRpm "Renex" is good at visualizing soft tissues, menisci, and ligaments.


Ease of use

Magnet with U-shaped construction provides comfortable conditions for patient and free access for doctors to patients and allows to study patients with claustrophobia and children.

Minimum requirements to MRI rooms

Light weight of the MRI scanner allows you to quickly install it at any floor and in the room of 12 square meters with minimal construction preparation.

Comfort during the study

U-shaped magnet provides comfortable conditions for patient and free access to patient for doctor, which allows you to study patients with claustrophobia and overweight patients.


Safe study

The absence of X-ray during the scan makes the study absolutely safe for the patient and maintenance personnel.

Resource-saving usage

TRMpm "Renex" created on the basis of a permanent magnet, that does not require the use of cooling systems. The power consumption does not exceed 1 kW. It can work all day.

Shielding room specifications

Techical characteristics


TMRpm- “Renex” operates from three-phase or single-phase of AC mains with a rated voltage of ~380 V or ~220 V, with a frequency of 50 Hz.


Dimensions of MRI scanner are: length- 500 mm; width- 860 mm; height- 1000 mm

Height of the patient’s table is 600 mm.

Induction of magnetic field

Induction of magnetic field within the work zone is 0,32 T.

Characteristics of pictures

Minimum layer thickness is 3 mm in 2D- modes and 1 mm in 3D- mode; matrix size of picture is vary from 64×64 to 512×512 elements with possibility offset rectangular line of sight and incomplete data collection.

Rotating and moving the table

The angle of rotation in the horizontal plane is ±90° along the longitudinal axis.

Range of longitudinal displacement patient’s table is 800 mm.

Image quality

Maximum amount of simultaneously received sections: 16 in 2D- mode; 36 in 3D- mode.

delivery set

  • Open type of magnet system based on permanent magnet with built-in system of thermostatting.
  • Electronics rack with gradient amplifiers, RF transmission, workstation system unit, of tomograph's operator, digital spectrometer, source of uninterrupted power supply and support electronics unit.
  • System for compensation of parasitic electromagnetic fields.
  • Easily assembled RF shielding room with RF filter unit and built-in positioning and relaxation monitor for patients.
  • RF transmit - receive coils.
  • Coil storage cabinet.
  • Movable table for patients.
  • Patient's footrest.
  • Work console of the operator TMRpm - "RENEX".

Warranty period


Commissioning of the device after delivery


Delivery time

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