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Vertical image stand "Renex"

The vertical image stand can be used either permanently (with a wall mount) or as a mobile stand. The stand is made up of three elements that do not require tools for assembly. The rack is compatible with all standart digitizer cassettes, flat panel detectors, and film cassettes. Designed for classical X-ray images in frontal and lateral projections.

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Techical characteristics

Techical characteristics:

  • Supported receiver formats from 13×18 to 43×43 cm
  • Maximum height from floor to center of receiver 190 cm
  • The minimum height from the floor to the center of the receiver (43×43) – 21.5 cm
  • Receiver total vertical movement is 180 cm

Delivery set

Delivery set:

The delivery includes: packaging and labeling (delivery is not included);

Warranty period is 12 months;

Delivery time: within 20 days after payment.

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