X-ray power supply device for telecontrolled complex - Development and production of X-ray diagnostic equipment

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X-ray power supply device for telecontrolled complex

Designed to power X-ray telecontrolled complex (3 in 1).

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  • X-ray power supply device with automatic exposure mode, patient dose indication after each exposure and self-diagnostic system.
  • The selection of radiography (tomography) and fluoroscopy parameters is provided in the organ-automatic mode (more than 2000 anatomical programs and a visual atlas of positions).
  • Sensory interactive control panel. The design of the control panel with the use of modern technology “touch screen” allows you to control the operation of the device and take pictures by several touches to the sensory surface of the screen, which greatly simplifies the work of the X-ray technician.

The products are manufactured by LLC “S.P.HELPIC “; is registered with the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (ROSZDRAVNADZOR).

Techical characteristics

Techical characteristics:

  • Supply voltage three-phase 380 V +/- 10%.
  • Exposure selection system: two-point, one-point and anatomical programming.
  • Organ-automatic equipment for more than 2000 programs. Possibility of manual correction of organ-automation modes.
  • Power 65 kW**.
  • The operating frequency of the inverter is 55 kHz. Ripple frequency up to 333 kHz.
  • X-ray anode voltage range, 40-150 kV.
  • The step of changing the anode voltage in the row is 1.25.
  • X-ray tube current range for X-ray, 10-800 mA (possibly up to 1000 mA).
  • Electricity quantity range, 1-800 mAs (possibly up to 1000 mAs)
  • X-ray tube current range for X-ray 0,5-10 mA.
  • Electricity quantity range, 1-800 mAs (possibly up to 1000 mAs)
  • The minimum exposure time is 1 msec.
  • Indication of radiation dose in μSv (in the organ-automatic mode).
  • X-ray mode auto-calibration system.
  • Flexible multiprocessor system microprocessor control system. The ability to adapt to customer requirements.
  • The language for displaying parameters and marking controls is Russian.

Комплект поставки

Delivery set:

  • X-ray power supply (control cabinet 2 pcs.).
  • Control panel based on a touch screen 15″, with a remote exposure button, organautomatics adults/children with the ability to independently configure parameters and add patient patterns.

Additional accessories:

  • Ionization chamber (3 pcs.)
  • Lemo connector, 6-pin. (3 pcs.)
  • X-ray tube (characteristics at customer’s choice 2 pcs.)
  • High-voltage cables 12 m with ferrules (4 pcs.)

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