4.5 kW "Renex" series C-arm with digital I.I. - Development and production of X-ray diagnostic equipment

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4.5 kW "Renex" series C-arm with digital I.I.

C-arc Renex “Optimal” is designed for fluoroscopic and radiographic examinations, as well as for performing interventional procedures under X-ray control.
The device is used in various areas of medicine, such as surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, traumatology, urology, endoscopy and many other areas. C-arc Renex “Optimal” has a wide range of movement and is easily positioned in all directions.

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Large selection range of frame values ​​per sec. with using оа pulsed fluoroscopy can significantly reduce the radiation exposure. Max frame rate per second up to 30.
The forced air cooling system allows you to effectively use the device for a long time without overheating.
An X-ray image intensifier ​​with a CCD camera of 1024×1024 pixels is used as a receiver. The C-arm is equipped with an interactive touch panel for controlling all examination parameters on the device’s stand. The power of the X-ray generator is 4.5-5.3 kW (220V).

The complete set of the device, depending on the wishes of the customer, may include:

  • Workstation for processing and diagnostic studies of the received images, digital archiving of images and related data;
  • DSA function;
  • High resolution monitor fixed on a workstation 1 or 2 pcs;
  • X-ray protective clothing set;
  • Foot and manual exposure switches;
  • Sterilizable covers for attaching them to the C-arc receiver and emitter;
  • Cassette holder 24×30 cm;
  • Rolled medical thermal printer.

Features and advantages:

  • Continuous fluoroscopy and pulse-scopy with digital image processing;
  • Digital radiography;
  • Automatic brightness control (ABC);
  • DSA function;
  • Automatic function of adjusting the parameters of fluoroscopy for the purpose of high penetration in the study of obese patients, as well as in complex projections;
  • Workstation for processing and diagnostic studies of the received images, digital archiving of images and related data;
  • Mobile stand with touch screen control and the ability to export to removable storage media;
  • Touch interactive control panel. The design of the console with the use of modern technology Touch screen allows you to control the operation of the device and carry out examinations by several touches to the touch surface of the screen, which greatly simplifies the work of the roentgenographer;
  • Power supply with automatic exposure mode, patient dose indication after each exposure and self-diagnosis system.

Techical characteristics

Techical characteristics:

  • Power of the X-ray generator is 4.5-5.3 kW;
  • Research modes: radiography, continuous fluoroscopy, pulse-scopy, low-dose fluoroscopy;
  • Two focal spots are (mm) 0.5×0.5 and 1.8×1.8;

C-shaped stand:

  • Balanced C-arm for easy positioning in all directions;
  • Horizontal travel 20 cm;
  • Motorized vertical travel;
  • Vertical travel: 50 cm;
  • C-arc rotation range: ±230 degrees;
  • Orbital rotation: 150 degrees;
  • Panning motion ±12.5 degrees;
  • Depth of the C-arc, not less than: 72.5 cm;
  • SID: 100 cm;
  • Free space: 80 cm;
  • Laser centralizer;
  • Two symmetrical push-button panels for exposure and motorized movements on the device’s stand.

Interactive touch control panel

Interactive touch control panel with all examination parameters on the tripod of the apparatus with a screen diagonal of 26 cm:

  • Horizontal rotation 360;
  • Angle of rotation relative to the bracket ±90 (180) degrees;
  • Anatomical programs;
  • Fluoroscopy time indication with a 5-minute threshold alarm;
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic selection of study parameters;
  • Displays the position of the iris and slit shutters on the control panel screen;
  • Display of the temperature of the emitter and the duration of the study;
  • The ability to capture and transfer images to the digital processing system directly from the control panel using a separate button.


  • Foot and manual exposure switches;
  • Thermal image printer for printing on paper and film.
  • Sterilizable covers for attaching them to the C-arm receiver and emitter;
  • A set of technical documentation in Russian.
  • Supplied complete with all the necessary mounting materials, cables, adapters, etc.

Delivery set

Delivery set:

  • X-ray diagnostic surgical mobile device C-arm type “ARHM-Renex”;
  • Workstation for processing and diagnostic studies of the received images, digital archiving of images and related data;
  • Computer block;
  • Software;
  • A set of radiation protection equipment;
  • Accessories.

The delivery inclueds: installation, commissioning, instructing the hospital staff by the supplier’s specialists;
Warranty period: 12 months;
Delivery time: within 45 days.
Time of putting the device into operation: within 15 days after delivery, given that the readiness of the premises for the start of installation work and the presence of an approved technological design.

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