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Digital telecontrolled X-ray diagnostic complexes "Renex"

The telecontrolled diagnostic complex KRDC T20/T2000 “Renex” is designed to carry out all types of examinations in radiology.

It is used for studies of the digestive tract, chest organs, osteoarticular system, abdominal cavity, in gynecology, urology and other areas. The modern apparatus KRDTs T20 / T2000 “RENEX” is easy to use, has fully motorized movement mechanisms, and involves controlling the movements of the apparatus from the control room when conducting examinations in various planes and projections without changing the position of the patient. Replaces the classic complex on 3 workplaces while taking up much less space.

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Tele-controlled complex KRDC T20/T2000 based on URI:

The complex is equipped with an X-ray image intensifier (I.I.) of 9 or 13 inches, with a high-resolution digital camera for digital fluoroscopy, while radiography and linear tomography can be performed using:
– Digital stationary flat-panel detector 43×43
– Wireless WIFI detector 35×43 cm
– With digital radiography (CR) or analog film cassettes.

Depending on the version, the complex can be equipped with the function of vertical lifting of the table deck, longitudinal and transverse movement of the table deck, an additional vertical stand, various layouts of screening grids and compression devices.

A wide range of selection of complete sets and additional equipment allows you to choose the best option that takes into account all the needs of the client at an optimal cost.

Features and Benefits:

  • KRDC-T20 / T2000 “Renex” provides the possibility to perform fluoroscopy, radiography and tomography at one workstation and and at the same time, with the patient’s vertical, horizontal or inclined position. One remote-controlled tripod provides all the capabilities of the device for 3 workplaces;
  • Routine diagnostics in the digestive tract, chest organs, as well as the skeleton and skull;
  • Special studies in gynecology, urology and other fields;
  • All functions of the device are controlled from the control room. At the same time, all control functions of the apparatus are duplicated directly on the tripod;
  • Digital fluoroscopy with an X-ray image intensifier equipped with a high-resolution digital camera;
  • The program for improving the image quality “RENEX” allows you to clearly see the details of the image of both soft tissues and bone structures;
  • Automatic exposure selection system: two-point, one-point and anatomical programming (organ-automatic);
  • The choice of radiography conditions in the organ-automatic mode includes more than 1800 anatomical programs. Possibility of manual correction of organ-automation modes. The set includes a visual atlas of styling;
  • Doctor’s and laboratory assistant’s workstations for diagnostic studies of acquired images, digital archiving of images and related data;
  • One workplace allows you to install and operate the device on an area of ​​24 sq. m .;

Techical characteristics

Techical characteristics:

Power supply:

  • Power: 50/65/80kW
  • Anode voltage range is 40 – 150 kV;
  • The range of anode voltage during fluoroscopy is 40-125 kV;
  • X-ray tube current range for radiography is 10 – 800 mA;
  • X-ray tube current range for fluoroscopy is 0.1 – 10 mA
  • Amount of electricity range is 0.1 – 1250 mAs;
  • The minimum exposure time is 0.001 sec;

Telecontrolled tripod:

  • Table tilt from +90°/-30 to +90°/-90° with automatic stop in horizontal position;
  • Table deck size up to 240 x 80 cm;
  • The height of the deck from the floor is no more than 86 cm; optionally available with a table lift with a range of motion from 76 cm to 100 cm from the floor.
  • Focus-film distance continuously variable from 115 cm to 180 cm;
  • Longitudinal movement of the tripod together with the ESA;
  • The speed of the longitudinal movement of the tripod is up to 25 cm/s;
  • The distance from the table surface to the X-ray film is not more than 78 mm;
  • Three-pole ionization chamber with preamplifier for X-ray exposure meter;
  • Linear tomography in both directions;
  • Choice of tomography layer height from 0 to 330 mm;
  • Automatic collimator;
  • Palpation device with automatic movement to the parking area;

Digital flat panel detector:

  • Scintillator type – Cesium-Iodine (CsI);
  • Active detection area – 430×430 mm;
  • Resolution capacity – not less than 4.0 lp/mm;
  • The size of the matrix of the resulting image is at least 3072×3072 pixels;
  • Pixel size – no more than 139 microns;
  • Quantum efficiency ratio (DQE) – 75%;
  • Full-format image output time – no more than 3 seconds;
  • Support for linear tomography mode.

X-ray image intensifier SIEMENS:

  • Nominal diameter – 9 or 13 Inches;
  • Automatic system for noise reduction and stabilization of the brightness of the X-ray image;
  • TV digital channel based on a CCD camera with a high resolution of 1024×1024 elements;
  • Digital video output bit depth, not less than 12 bits;
  • Automatic calibration of focus and sensitivity for all URI fields;
  • Continuous fluoroscopy mode with ESS system;
  • Sensitivity control of the system using a motorized diaphragm;
  • Remembering the last frame of the image (freeze frame);
  • Possibility of digital recording of fluoroscopy and radiography (including serial) into a database with subsequent image processing using Renex software;

Delivery set

Delivery set:

Package included:

  • X-ray diagnostic digital complex with a rotary table-tripod KRDC-T20/T2000 – “Renex”;
  • Supply device;
  • Dual focus X-ray emitter;
  • Workstation of a laboratory assistant with a high-resolution monitor 24 ″;
  • Workstation of a doctor with a high-resolution monitor of a doctor 24 “;
  • Medical film printer;
  • A set of furniture for the workstation of a doctor and an X-ray laboratory assistant; Remote Control;
  • Office printer for printing descriptions;
  • A set of radiation protection equipment;
  • Intercom;
  • Dosimeter.

Additional options:

The standard pack can be expanded with various options:

  • Vertical shot rack
  • Additional monochrome diagnostic monitor for the doctor’s workstation;
  • Medical film printer,
  • Additional workstation – Workstation of the Registrar,
  • PACS system
  • Voltage regulator
  • Additional means of X-ray protection, etc.
  • Video surveillance system with two-way audio communication.

The delivery includes: installation, start-up and adjustment works, instruction of the hospital staff by the supplier’s specialists;
Warranty period: 12 months;
Delivery time: within 60 days.
Time of putting the device into operation: within 10 days after delivery, subject to the readiness of the premises for the start of installation work and the presence of an approved technological design.

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