Fluorographs "Renex" in box stacking - Development and production of X-ray diagnostic equipment

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Fluorographs "Renex" in box stacking


Low-dose digital fluorograph (in packing) is intended for use in medical institutions of various specializations, as well as in the field for conducting mass preventive examinations with the aim of early detection of tuberculosis, oncological and other lung diseases.
The fluorograph provides high diagnostic quality at low radiation exposure. Serves for fluorography of the patient’s chest organs in the vertical position of the examined in frontal and lateral projections.

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Digital system for registration of X-ray images based on the ViVIX-S flat-panel detector.
The fluorograph operates from a single-phase 220 V +/-10% and a frequency of 50 Hz with a mains resistance of no more than 1.0 Om, and can also operate from an autonomous power plant of the corresponding voltage with a power of 4.5 kW in the absence of external power supply.
During transportation, the fluorograph is placed in transport boxes, which provide protection against mechanical damage and precipitation. Transportation can be carried out by passenger cars of the “universal” and “minivans”.

Assembled fluorographs weight, no more than 225 kg.


Features and benefits:

  • Using modern digital technologies, the fluorograph provides high diagnostic quality with a low radiation exposure.
  • The lightness of the device and the simplicity of assembly allows conducting surveys in the field.
  • Uses digital technology for obtaining images (fluorograms) in real time with the possibility of computer processing and archiving of images, as well as obtaining hard copies of images.
  • Provides the possibility of electronic formation of medical documents containing received fluorograms and accompanying textual information (patient data, conclusion, etc.) and storage of the generated documents in the database.
  • The power consumption of the fluorograph is no more than 4.5 kW.

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics:

  • Digital flat-panel detector with a full-format image resolution of 3072×3072 pixels
  • Digitization capacity of the X-ray image receiver signal, not less than 14 bits/pixel.
  • Elevator with electromechanical drive for synchronized movement of the receiver relative to the emitter
  • Power of the X-ray supply device, not less – 4.5 kW
  • Size of focal spots of the anode, no more than – 0.5×0.5 mm and 1.8×1.8 mm;
  • Adjustable rotary collimator
  • Microprocessor self-diagnosis system with error code indication
  • Supply voltage single-phase 220V +/-10%
  • Digital indication kV, mAs, sec.,
  • Light and sound indication during exposure

Комплект поставки

Delivery set:

  • Dismountable fluorograph
  • Workstation of the laboratory assistant – laptop
  • Transport boxes – 6 pieces
  • The small X-ray protective screen is supplied in a set in 1 of the boxes.
  • Assembled fluorograph weight – no more than 225 kg, packed – no more than 350 kg

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