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Mobile ward X-ray machine "Renex"


The mobile device “Renex” with computer radiography device (CR) is designed for radiography with image registration on cassettes with storage phosphor plate, as well as on other receivers of X-ray images.
The device is used in intensive care units, traumatology departments, emergency rooms and hospital wards.

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Smart ergonomics and dimensions make it easy to maneuver and maintain the stability of the device. The remote wireless button for taking pictures allows you to perform radiography at a distance of up to 15m from the emitter, thereby ensuring reliable protection of personnel. The power source is an standart electric plug socket (voltage 220V).

The complete set of the device, depending on the customer’s wishes, may include:

  • Computer radiography system (CR system) with a set of cassettes;
  • Operator’s workstation with high-resolution monitor;
  • Workstation of a radiologist with a high-resolution monitor;
  • Monochrome medical monitor for the doctor’s workstation;
  • Printer for dry printing on film;
  • Furniture set for workstation;
  • X-ray protective clothing set;
  • Mobile collapsible vertical stand;
  • Clinical dosimeter.

Techical characteristics

Techical characteristics:

Mobile stand:

  • Transport and working position;

  • Monoblock electric drive;

  • Uniform movement on a flat surface with a force not exceeding 250 N;

  • Foot pedal brake;

  • The ability to brake and (or) lock individual moving parts;

  • Rotation of the emitter in the vertical and horizontal planes is ±90°;

  • Force applied to rotate the monoblock around the axis is not more than 40 N;

  • The maximum height of the monoblock is 2.1m;

  • X-ray protective container for storing all standard sizes of X-ray cassettes used in radiography is placed on the fixed part of the stand.

X-ray supply device:

  • Supply voltage single-phase 220V +/- 10%;

  • The operating frequency of the inverter is not less than 100kHz;

  • Power – 4.5kW;

  • Anode voltage regulation in the range from 40 to 130kV;

  • Regulation of the amount of electricity in the range from 0.1 to 250 mA∙s;

  • Difference in anode voltage ripple levels is not more than 2%;

  • Maximum power consumption, no more than 4.5kVA (5~kW).

X-ray tube:

  • Fixed anode type.

  • The sizes of the focal spots of the anode is 0.5×0.5mm and 1.5×1.5mm;

  • The heat capacity of the anode is at least 30kJ.

Aperture (collimator):

  • Adjustable rotary diaphragm;

  • The size of the working field is not less than 430x430mm with a focal length of 100cm;

  • Rotation around the vertical axis is +/-90°;

  • Aperture light center position button;

  • Built-in tape measure for measuring distance.

Remote Control:

  • Microprocessor self-diagnosis system with error code indication
  • Digital indication of kV, mAs, sec., X-ray tube focus size
  • Light and sound indication during the exposure;
  • Large and small focus button;
  • Radio-frequency (RF) remote control.
  • Выносная беспроводная кнопка снимков, работающая по радио каналу.

Delivery set

Delivery set:

  • Mobile ward X-ray machine “Renex”

  • A set of furniture for the laboratory assistant’s workstation;

  • Doctor’s workstation with a high-resolution monitor, at least 24″;

The delivery includes: installation, commissioning, instructing the personnel of the hospital by the supplier’s specialists;
Warranty period: 12 months;
Delivery time: within 50 days.
Time of putting the device into operation: within 5 days after delivery.

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