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Pediatric Fixation Chair "Renex"

When working with patients in pediatrics, special measures should be taken to fix the child. Even with the minimum exposure time and maximum anode tube power, the image is blurred when the patient moves. Without specially designed devices, the problem of image blur cannot be solved. Effective fixation is the basis of children’s radiography.

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Small children can not fix one position of the body for a long time during X-ray examinations, so the use of special devices (fixators) that immobilize children is required. fixing the child’s body reduces the possibility of getting a bad image and thus reduces the likelihood of repeated examinations, which leads to a limited dose of radiation to the child and staff.

Технические характеристики

Techical characteristics:

  • The fixation is soft but secure
  • Eliminates the need for repeated examinations due to blurring of the image associated with the child’s movement
  • The child is fixed only once to receive images in different projections and areas of research
  • The minimum distance from the patient to the detector ensures high quality images
  • Adjustable back and tilt mounts
  • Easy to clean, the mount is made of hypoallergenic polyethylene and stainless steel
  • High quality lockable wheels for mobility and stability
  • Supplied with an additional set of fixing straps

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