Universal children's mount for X-ray examinations of children - Development and production of X-ray diagnostic equipment

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Universal children's mount for X-ray examinations of children

Easy to operate, securely and gently fixes the child, which prevents “smearing” and provides high quality X-ray images.
The use of the Universal Child Mount prevents the child’s parents from being exposed to radiation.

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The universal children’s mount is used to fix children aged 0 to 24 months during X-ray examinations and other medical examinations. Allows you to carry out research in any projection, thanks to the ability to change the position of the cradle along three axes. The universal children’s mount is installed on a mobile stand, has its own cassette holder for installing cassettes, which can be fixed anywhere along the soft cradle.

Технические характеристики

Techical characteristics:

  • The inner part of the cradle is made of special children’s oilcloth, which makes it easy to clean

  • The seat has height and tilt adjustment. The child sits down as on a regular chair and presses his back against the cradle.

  • It is used for children up to 135cm tall.

  • Mount with cradle 860mm*200mm*50mm.

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Within 5-7 days after payment.

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