Рентгеновский диагностический комплекс «РЕНЕКС-РЦ» - Development and production of X-ray diagnostic equipment

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Universal X-ray diagnostic complex "Renex-RC" with the possibility of low-dose fluorography


X-ray diagnostic complex “Renex-RC” is designed for all types of X-ray examinations with the patient standing, sitting and lying down, used in general radiology and traumatology, including low-dose fluorography.
The complex is produced by LLC “S.P. HELPIC”, certified in accordance with the international certification system ISO ISO9001 for compliance with “Quality systems for the development, production, installation and maintenance of X-ray equipment and medical X-ray machines.”

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Universal system that allows you to perform more than 90% of X-ray examinations, including fluorography. In combination with a radiolucent gurney, it replaces the complex for two workplaces.

Digital radiography is performed using a 43×43 cm digital flat panel detector;
The program for improving the image quality “RENEX” allows you to clearly see the details of the image of both soft tissues and bone structures; The time for displaying a full-size image on the monitor screen is less than 3 seconds;
Automatic exposure selection system: two-point, one-point and anatomical programming (organ-automatic);
The choice of radiography parameters in the organ-automatic mode includes more than 1800 anatomical programs. Possibility of manual correction of organ-automation modes.

Features and benefits:

  • Automatic positioning of the tripod in various positions significantly reduces the preparation time for the examination.
  • The set with the device comes with a remote control, which allows you to remotely position the device in a matter of seconds.
  • The complex is equipped with an anti-shock system that will protect the equipment from accidental collision with a gurney or any other objects.
  • The equipment readiness indication will inform the laboratory assistant when to start the examination, and the self-diagnostic system will notify about the failure.
  • The casing of the emitter is equipped with a Touch screen panel with a digital indication of the tripod tilt angles, exact focal length and other necessary information.
  • The tripod weighs no more than 320 kg, which allows you to install the device on any floor without strengthening the floor.
  • Absolutely all movements of the tripod are motorized, which greatly simplifies the work of laboratory technicians.

Techical characteristics

Techical characteristics:

Power supply:

  • Power: 50/65/80kW
  • Anode voltage range for X-ray imaging is 40 – 150 kV;
  • X-ray tube current range for radiography is 10 – 1000 mA;
  • Electricity quantity range is 0.1 – 1000 mAs;
  • The minimum exposure time is no more than 0.001 sec;

Universal tripod (BRS)

  • Motorized vertical movement of the emitter and the image receiver.
  • Focal length adjustable in the range of 100-180 cm.
  • The minimum height of the focus of the emitter from the floor is 40 cm
  • Panel on the radiation receiver with display of the focal length and tilt angle of the detector.
  • Touch screen transmitter housing control panel 10.1“
  • Removable raster
  • Remote control for all movements of the tripod.
  • Configurable automated tripod positions
  • Angle of motorized rotation of the tripod is -30 / + 120 °
  • Receiver rotation angle is ± 45 °
  • Manual or automatic collimation option
  • Keypads for control of motorized movements on the emitter and detector
  • 10 sensors that prevent the vehicle from colliding when moving in space.
  • Independent movements of the receiver and emitter when changing the focal length.

Mobile X-ray table:

  • Table deck size is 197 x 72 cm.
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Braking with and without locking the wheels.
  • Maximum patient weight is not less than 200 kg.
  • Table weight is 60 kg.

Digital flat panel detector:

  • Scintillator type – Cesium-Iodine (CsI);
  • Active detection area is 430 x 430 mm;
  • Resolution capacity is not less than 4.0 lp / mm;
  • Detector capacity is not less than 14 bits
  • The size of the matrix of the resulting image is 3 072 x 3 072 pixels;
  • Pixel size is no more than 139 microns;
  • Quantum efficiency coefficient (DQE) – not less than 70%;
  • Full-size image output time is less than 3 seconds.

Delivery set

Delivery set:

Package Included:

  • Universal tripod
  • X-ray transparent wheelchair table
  • Power device
  • Dual focus X-ray emitter;
  • Workstation of a laboratory assistant with a high-resolution monitor 24 ″;
  • Workstation of a doctor with a high-resolution monitor of a doctor 24 “;
  • Medical film printer,
  • A set of furniture for the workstation of a doctor and an X-ray laboratory assistant;
  • Remote Control;
  • Office printer for printing descriptions;
  • A set of radiation protection equipment;
  • Intercom;
  • Dosimeter.

Additional options:

The standard pack can be expanded with various options:

  • Additional monochrome diagnostic monitor for the doctor’s workstation;
  • PACS system
  • Voltage regulator
  • Additional means of X-ray protection, etc.
  • Video surveillance system with two-way audio communication.

The delivery includes: installation, start-up and adjustment works, instruction of the hospital staff by the supplier’s specialists;
Warranty period: 12 months;
Delivery time: within 60 days.
Time of putting the device into operation: within 10 days after delivery, subject to the readiness of the premises for the start of installation work and the presence of an approved technological design.

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